"You Don't Need to Be an Expert to Teach What You Love" — Advice from Sarah K. Peck


One of the most common beliefs I hear from clients time and time again is some variation of "I would love to do X, but I really don't feel like I'm an expert in that yet..."I was grateful to have the opportunity to interview writer, storyteller, and designer Sarah K. Peck for the upcoming symposium The Entrepreneur's Inner World. We talked about the power of starting and touched on this question of whether you really need to be an expert in something in order to teach it to other people and, specifically, to earn money from teaching it.I loved Sarah's integrity-based yet inspiring answer. Check out the video below to hear what she said for yourself:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-crglEbp6kIs there a topic or area you love where you can help people get started? The entrepreneur's Inner WorldWant to watch the full interview, plus access 23 other conversations with entrepreneurs, coaches, and writers about the psychological and emotional tools we need for entrepreneurship?The Entrepreneur’s Inner World is available now. Find out more and access the interviews in video, audio and PDF format here.Image: Dan Dimmock