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Be a creative in practice, not just in name.

Establish a daily practice, deepen your confidence, and do more of what lights you up with flexible, chat-based coaching you can do anywhere, whatever your schedule.


One-to-One Coaching:

{Coming soon}
DIY Coaching Course:

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Coaching for writers

Let's make your writing goals happen.

Ask any professional writer the key to their success and they'll mention the importance of showing up, sitting down, and getting words on paper (or screen) as often as possible.

Having worked as a professional writer and blogger over the last decade, I've developed a toolkit that has helped me start writing and stay writing, whatever else is going on in life. This has helped me write over 500 blog posts, four (soon to be five) books, as well as complete numerous projects for freelance and ghostwriting clients.


With this coaching package, we’ll:

  • Get you writing ASAP

  • Work together to create a regular and sustainable writing practice that supports your writing goals

  • Work on your writing routine, environment, and mindset to set you up for success

Investment: $20 per week // $60 per month

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Engaging Hannah's help was a life-changing experience for me. In the months that we have worked together, she has helped me complete a total of four drafts (two novels), adding up to a total of hundreds of thousands of words.


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Coaching for Creatives

If you'd like support with making time to create, managing your inner critic, and dealing with other obstacles and challenges that can stifle your creativity, I'd love to help.

I offer gentle accountability, compassionate insight, and practical guidance. Having worked with writers, artists, bloggers, and business owners to create rewarding and life-enriching creative practices, I can share a toolbox of techniques and resources to encourage and inspire you.

How could your life be different a year from today if you made creating something a habit?


  • Uncover the creative practice that’s right for you

  • Work through your biggest creative blocks so you can finish what you start

  • Create a personalised toolbox of practices and techniques related to mindset and productivity so you can keep doing what you love

Investment: $20 per week // $60 per month

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The coaching I received from Hannah was really great – I wholeheartedly recommend her. She is extremely supportive, warm, personable, with totally on-point and practical suggestions to help keep you on your path.


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Go at your own pace with my DIY creative coaching email course…{COMING SOON}

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Coming Soon: DIY Creative Coaching

If you’d like to hear more about DIY Creative coaching, register for email updates and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.


  • Daily emails with coaching questions, tips, and suggestions related to your project of choice

  • A straightforward guide to getting started and staying started with your creative practice

  • Much more!

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Beyond fantastic! I literally went from staring at a blank page to completing the first draft of a 50,000 word manuscript.


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Questions about working together?

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