#101: Dealing With Self-Censorship and Resistance in Journaling


One of the most common obstacles I hear about when it comes to journaling is self-censorship. I recently received an email from a reader about their struggles with resistance and self-censorship as a result of a past situation in which someone violated their trust and boundaries. I can relate to the struggle with self-censorship in journaling and in this episode I'm sharing a few of the things I've found helpful for dealing with the desire to self-censor (and the resulting resistance) and getting more comfortable with self-expression and writing again.Topics I cover include:

  • The two kinds of trust we need to overcome self-censorship
  • How to reframe journaling when we feel anxiety about sharing difficult feelings or experiences
  • How the desire to self-censor can be useful for exploring and deepening our own self-acceptance
  • A couple of low pressure journaling techniques we can use to ease ourselves back into journaling if we're struggling with self-censorship

...and more.

Useful Links

The Ultimate Guide to JournalingHow to Make Friends with Your Shadow SideHow to Cultivate Self-Trust: Advice from Rising Strong by Brené Brown

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