Episode 64: The Value of Self-Knowledge with Kate Marolt


IMG_4342In this episode, I'm talking to the lovely Kate Marolt. Kate is the Body and Soul Connection Guide at Soul Wild Free, where she guides women on the path of Wild Freedom in their businesses, relationships, and lives. She is on a mission to create a world of love, connection, freedom, and adventure for herself and others, and believes the fastest way for us to do this is to heal our relationships with ourselves and our bodies.

  • Why feeling stuck is usually a sign that we're not allowing ourselves enough play or creativity
  • The 3 key questions Kate asks herself to decide whether something constitutes self-care
  • How to take responsibility for our lives and circumstances without blaming ourselves when things go wrong
  • Kate's wisdom-bomb around why it's so important to keep the commitments we make to ourselves

and much more!(Apologies for the choppy quality at points during this episode—it's one of the hazards of live recordings!)

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[Tweet "Sometimes self-care is stopping and taking a single deep breath."][Tweet "Let your feelings be your guides instead of your captors."][Tweet "When you break a commitment to yourself, you're breaking your understanding of who you are."]

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