How to Fit Self-Care into Your Daily Routine


We all know that self-care is necessary for our health and happiness, but it can be a real challenge to fit self-care into your daily routine. The biggest barriers to conventional self-care include feeling like we don't have enough time, feeling like we don't deserve it, and feeling like we're being pulled in so many different directions that we never get a chance to really focus on ourselves.In reality, these things aren't the barriers: it's the way we think about self-care that needs to change.[Tweet "Self-care isn't about what we "do", it's about how we relate to ourselves."]This video will show you that you don't need to carve out significant chunks of time to "do" self-care every day; instead, self-care is more about how we relate to ourselves. I'll be sharing tried and tested ways I've integrated self-care into my lifestyle and showing you how you can do the same and fit self-care into your daily routine.The five suggestions we'll cover are:1. Look at what you're already doing in your daily life and explore where there might be opportunities to add more self-care and self-kindness to these areas of our life.2. Look at where you're spending your time in a way that doesn't serve you. How can you use this time for things that do serve you?3. Identify your non-negotiables. What are the activities that leave you feeling on top of the world and like the best version of yourself? Where can you create space for these in your day?4. Create a morning routine. How can you design your mornings so that your day gets off to the best start possible?5. Remember that self-care is all about meeting your needs. Whenever you're not sure what self-care might look like to you, ask yourself "What am I most needing right now?" Tour SidebarIf you feel inspired to revolutionise your relationship with self-care and your own relationship with yourself, I invite you to join us for From Coping to Thriving, which starts next Monday 15th September.By the end of this six-week course, you'll have greater insight and awareness into your current habits and how to introduce more self-care into your daily life, a framework you can use going forward to replace bad habits with more self-caring behaviours, deeper self-connection, greater self-knowledge—and the sense of peace and possibility that comes with both these things—plus a toolbox of practical resources and actionable ideas that are yours to keep and use indefinitely.Registrations are now closed. Please enter your email below to hear about the next self-care course from Becoming Who You Are.