#74: The Gift of Writing with Claire J DeBoer


The Gift of Writing with Claire J DeBoerIn this week's podcast episode, I'm talking to Claire De Boer from The Gift of Writing about one of my favourite personal development topics: journaling.

The episode: The gift of writing with Claire J DeBoer

Topics we discuss include:

  • Why journaling is helpful for deepening our self-awareness and improving our relationship with ourselves
  • Some of Claire's favourite journaling techniques
  • How to deal with your inner critic when journaling
  • How journaling can help us evolve our creativity...and much more!

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[Tweet "Journaling is about being willing to hold the dark parts up to the light."][Tweet "Ask your inner critic “What is your role in my life? Why are you here?” Inquire and be curious."][Tweet "Our subconscious mind isn’t out to get us. When we get curious, the answers can be quite gentle."]

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The Artist's Way by Julia CameronIra Progoff750words.com

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