#76: Rediscovering Your Creativity with Margarita Tartakovsky


Rediscovering your creativity with Margarita TartakovskyIn this week's podcast episode, I'm talking to Margarita Tartakovsky about how to rediscover your creativity and add more play to your life. Margarita is an associate editor at Psych Central and author of the upcoming book Make A Mess: Daily Prompts + Projects for Rediscovering Your Creativity And Living A More Playful Life.

The episode: Rediscovering your creativity with Margarita Tartakovsky

Topics we discuss include:

  • Why play is so important to our existence
  • One of the most common myths around creativity, and the truth around what creativity is actually about
  • How to deal with creative insecurity and self-doubt
  • Margarita’s tips for expanding our sense of creativity...and much more!

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[Tweet "When we rediscover our creativity, we also rediscover ourselves and different parts of ourselves. "][Tweet "It’s not our job to worry about what other people will think of us."][Tweet "Producing creative work is a vulnerable process"]

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