Why Your Self-Doubt Doesn't Mean What You Think with Tanya Geisler


Do you experience self-doubt? (i.e. are you human?)I don't know about you, but I totally get the self-doubt  bug whenever I'm trying something new, doing something that requires a greater level of visibility, or growing in some way. In the past, I've taken this self-doubt and attached a meaning to it, which usually looks like "I'm not ready to do X," "I'm not the right person for this," or "Who am I do be thinking about doing this?"Enter leadership coach Tanya Geisler, who calls this kind of thinking The Imposter Complex.In this excerpt from our interview for The Entrepreneur's Inner World, Tanya shares why our self-doubt doesn't mean what we think it means (hint: believe it or not, it's actually a good thing!)http://youtu.be/Ax7CuktfSBcWhen you reframe your own self-doubt in this way, what is it really telling you?The entrepreneur's Inner WorldWant to watch the full interview, plus access 23 other conversations with entrepreneurs, coaches, and writers about the psychological and emotional tools we need for entrepreneurship?The Entrepreneur's Inner World is available now. Find out more and access the interviews in video, audio and PDF format here. Image: Roberto Nickson