#79: Living as the True You with Kendra Tanner


kendraThis week, I'm delighted to welcome back Kendra Tanner (who was a guest on episode 54 this time last year). Kendra is a coach who helps people fully express their thoughts, needs and desires through her movement, The True You Project.

Episode: Living as the true you with Kendra Tanner

Topics we discuss include:

  • What is the true self?
  • What happens when we ignore or repress our true selves and how to get back in touch with the more authentic parts of ourselves.
  • Questions you can ask and thought games you can play to reconnect with your true self
  • How to speak your truth, even when it feels hard
...and much more!


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[Tweet "The closer you get to the core, the further away it becomes. You’re evolving."]
[Tweet "Ask yourself: 'What is true for me right now?"]
[Tweet "Three things that get in the way of our true selves: shame, fear & the desire for certainty."]


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