#86 How to Get Clarity on Your Life with This Simple Coaching Tool


In today's podcast, we're doing something a little different. As you might know, I'm a certified Coach.me digital coach and work with life and creative coaching clients through the Coach.me platform. As part of my practice, I've amassed a huge master list of tools, exercises and questions that clients have found helpful. In this episode, I'm sharing one of these: a simple tool you can use to get clarity on your life and figure out which areas you feel good about and which could use a little TLC.We're starting with a popular coaching tool I call "The Wheel of Life." This is useful for gaining clarity and transparency around your level of satisfaction and fulfilment in different areas of life, plus the steps you can start taking to level up across the board.

How to get clarity on your life: the Episode

During the episode, I walk you through this exercise and show you how to use it to get more clarity on your life and your overall satisfaction levels. Enter your email below to get the free printable worksheet that goes with this episode:

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