93: 5 Powerful Questions for Clarity, Confidence & Self-Connection


We tend to place more value on having the right answers than asking the right questions, but really it's the other way around. The quality of our life is defined by the quality of the questions we ask ourselves so it's important to make sure our questions are helping, not hindering, us.In this episode, I'm sharing 5 powerful questions for clarity, confidence and self-connection. These questions are some of my favourites, both for personal exploration and in coaching sessions.

Episode: 5 powerful questions for clarity, confidence and self-connection

These questions are:

  • What’s missing from your life, and how are you keeping it out?
  • If I live every day in the same way I did today, what kind of future would that create?
  • What do you need to believe about yourself and the world to make your biggest goal/dream a reality?
  • What if everything that’s happened in your life up to this point was perfect preparation for what’s coming next?
  • What appearances are you willing to shed to pursue your dream?

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