94: Want to Become More Self-Expressive? Try Doing These 5 Things

Want to become more self-expressive? Click the image to discover 5 things you can start doing to share more of yourself today

Our level of self-expression defines how much of ourselves we share with the world. It's vital to our wellbeing and sense of wholeness, yet a lot of us also struggle to become more self-expressive. We worry that parts of ourselves could be judged or rejected by others, so we hide or change these parts to try to better fit in. We might assume other people know better, or place their opinion as more important than our own, and so hold back when it comes to expressing our opinions or ideas.In this episode, I'm talking about why self-expression is so important, and sharing 5 things we can all start doing to become more self-expressive in our daily lives. You can find the resources and links mentioned in this episode below.

Episode: Want to Become More Self-Expressive? Try Doing These 5 Things

These suggestions are:

  • Know what it is you're expressing (which means knowing yourself)
  • Start noticing where you hold back
  • Watch how you label yourself
  • Follow your curiosity
  • Assume the best

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Useful Links

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