The Self-Kindness Kit is Here! Save 90% on 21 Ebooks, Courses & Programs


Do you find it natural to show kindness and compassion towards others but struggle when it comes to yourself? Do you devote time and energy to your relationships with other people but forget to nurture your relationship with you? Would you like to feel compassionate, confident and accepting towards all parts of yourself (not just the comfortable and shiny parts)?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you’ll love what I have to share with you this week.

The Self-Kindness Kit is a digital bundle containing 21 products from coaches, writers, and health and well-being experts that will help you deepen the most important relationship in your life—the one with yourself.

I’m contributing my multimedia e-course How to Start Journaling for Personal Growth, plus a brand new guide called How to Create Your Own Self-Kindness Kit, which you can purchase alongside 19 other ebooks, e-courses and programs for just $79 (a 90% saving) for 72 hours from today.

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Here are all the fabulous products you get in the Self-Kindness Kit:

  • Brave Love by Mara Glatzel (value $39)
  • Beloved Beginnings: A 10-day Journey to Spark Your Self-Compassion Path by Vivienne McMaster (value $29)
  • Relax and Write Combo: Creative Wellness Guided Meditations & Life Source Writing Ebook by Lynda Monk (value $23)
  • Stand Tall & Speak From the Heart: How to Find Your Way by Arianna Merritt (value $14)
  • Love Your Body the Way It Is by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt (value $9.99)
  • 23 Days Self Discovery Journaling Challenge by Mari McCarthy (value $23.97)
  • The Complete Self-Care Toolkit by Ellen Bard (value $97)
  • The Gratitude Project Digital Book by Eli Trier (value $5)
  • Write Your Way Whole by Claire J DeBoer (value $147)
  • Living with Ease: The Mindful Way to Dissolve Stress by Sandra Pawula (value $19.95)
  • Devoted to Self-Care: The Essential Guide to Enriching Your Life and Taking Care of You by Erin Williams (value $22)
  • The Happiness Habit: 21 Days from Blah to Blissed Out by Michelle DeSpain (value $149)
  • How to Start Journaling for Personal Growth by Hannah Braime (value $31)
  • Growing Gratitude: Kickstart an Easy-to-Keep Gratitude Practice by Wendy de Jong (value $29)
  • The Mindful Body Program by Paige Burkes (value $47)
  • Hella Metta: A 10-day Meditation Course to Cultivate Fierce Lovingkindness by Christy Tending (value $39)
  • Breathe Acknowledge Release: 3 Steps to Stress Management by Lara Heacock (value $30)
  • Love This Journal and Yourself by Raewyn Sangari (value $10)
  • How to Create Your Own Self-Kindness Kit by Hannah Braime (value $20)
  • 21 Days of Radical Self-Care Rituals: Simple Daily Shifts for Divine Alignment by Elena Lipson (value $22)
  • Prepping Your Kitchen for Plant-Based Wellness by Grace Quantock (value $43)

You'll also get five bonus products, including a suggested lesson plan so you can work through these delightful books and courses without feeling overwhelmed.

The total value of The Self-Kindness Kit is $855, but right now you can get these products for just $79.

Self-kindness is a powerful force in our daily lives, so we're paying it forward with this sale. 10% of each purchase goes to the fabulous charity To Write Love on Her Arms, which offers hope and support to people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.

The bundle is only available until 11.59pm PDT this Thursday (5th May). Find out more about the products in the bundle here, or click the button below to get your copy:

Buy now: $855 $79