Bullet Journaling 101: 49 Ideas for Different Page Spreads

Looking for inspiration for your bullet journal? Look no further than these 49 ideas for page spreads!

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In this post, I want to share a list of ideas to help you move beyond basic bullet journaling and put your own individual stamp on your journal. I will start by sharing two of my favourite bullet journaling page spreads in more detail, followed by a list of other ideas. Many of the lists I mentioned in this post on lists to make when you need a quick pick-me-up would also make great bullet journal page spreads.

Habit trackers

Each month I choose the habits and regular activities I want to focus on for the next 30 days and create a habit tracker for the month. Turning my notebook to landscape, I create a grid with the dates running horizontally and the habits vertically. Using a dotted notebook, this creates a natural grid where each habit intersects each day. Whenever I complete a habit, I shade in the relevant box.This kind of tracker gives me a useful visual indicator of how I’m doing with each habit. Looking at the month, I can see which habits I’m racking up and which I need a little more attention (ahem, Spanish and meditation...).Bullet Journaling Habit Tracker

Project pages

I use these pages for personal and professional projects and find them especially helpful for projects with many moving parts or a deadline. Like everything else in bullet journaling, they are customisable depending on what will be most useful for you: brainstorming, a visual timeline or chart, lists or check boxes. Here’s are two examples of a personal and professional project page. This year, I'm doing a reading challenge and am using my bullet journal to keep track of books I'd like to read and books I've read:Bullet journal spread ideas project pageI also use my bullet journal to keep track of work projects, like the Patreon page I set up for Becoming Who You Are:Bullet Journal Project PageHere are 47 other ideas for bullet journaling page spreads:

Physical Health

  • Fitness goals and milestones
  • Exercise tracker
  • Water intake
  • Healthy eating log
  • Habit tracker

Emotional Wellbeing

  • Self-care tracker
  • Top memories
  • Gratitude page
  • Mood tracker
  • Monthly review
  • Morning routine page

Home and Finance

  • Budget
  • Spending tracker
  • Monthly bills and expenses tracker
  • Fitness log
  • Meal planner
  • Shopping list
  • Wishlist
  • Savings goals
  • Friends’ and family’s birthdays
  • Cleaning rota/chore list


  • Waiting for (correspondence, parcels, etc.)
  • Project timelines and task lists
  • Yearly and monthly goals
  • Brain dump pages (writing down everything that’s taking up space in your head)
  • Someday/maybe project list
  • A handbag/work bag/changing bag packing list
  • Planning routine page

Creativity and business

  • Monthly and annual business reviews
  • Blog post ideas
  • Blog post calendar
  • Artist date planner
  • Writing log
  • Project and product ideas
  • Project calendar
  • Collaboration ideas

For fun

  • “To read” and “have read” lists
  • “To watch” and “have seen” lists
  • “To listen” and “Listening to” lists
  • Places to visit list
  • Secrets of adulthood page
  • Movie/book ratings and reviews
  • Travel packing list


  • Life list
  • A year-long calendar
  • Book and movie quotes page
  • “Reminders to self” page

More bullet journal inspiration

As I’m fairly new to bullet journaling, I want to share some of my favourite inspiration with you. I keep my bullet journal simple but the people below turn it into an art form and share stunningly beautiful designs. Here are a few people who create beautiful pages, unique spreads and share lots of journaling-related ideas:

On Instagram:

Do you have any bullet journaling page spread ideas to add to the list above? Share them in the comments!

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