Episode 17: Rules for Authentic Living


This episode is a follow-up to Episode 14: Emotional Tools for Authentic Living. Here, I'm going to discuss four "rules" that accompany and complement them.These are:1. Work out your principles, and stick to them.2. Don't just understand, act on that understanding.3. Act, don't react.4. Never stop learningThese are all rules I've found helpful when it comes to my own personal development, so I hope it's useful to share them.At the beginning of the episode, I talk about The Ultimate Guide to Journaling and The 5 Most Common Blocks to Authentic Living, which are both available now through Becoming Who You Are (links below).

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The Ultimate Guide to Journaling - available now on audiobook, Kindle and PDFThe 5 Most Common Blocks to Authentic Living ...and How to Overcome Them - Free to download from becomingwhoyouare.net"The Hollow Men" - T.S. Eliot (just for fun!)

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