Episode 37: Finding Your Self Through Journaling - Interview with Mari L. McCarthy


This episode is an interview with Mari L. McCarthy, founder of CreateWriteNow.com. Mari is a personal journaling specialist, who offers inspiration, tips, tools and resources through her site so that other people can experience the amazing benefits of a regular journaling practice themselves.We cover a range of topics, including:

  • How Mari started journaling, and why it has been such a powerful experience
  • The unexpected benefits you can get from journaling
  • Why journaling is such a key tool for our authenticity
  • Whether it's more beneficial to journal regularly or as and when we feel like it
  • Mari's top tips for overcoming resistance to journaling

...And much more.

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The Artist's Way by Julia CameronMari's Journaling Tips PageGet a free copy of "The Ultimate Guide to Journaling" audiobook

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