How to Overcome Resistance to Journaling: My 2014 Journaling Expo Presentation


Hello friends,I'm really excited to be able to share two videos with you today! These are the two halves of my presentation at the 2014 Journaling Expo on Sunday 12th January, which was called "A Friend When We Most Need It: How to Overcome Resistance to Journaling".The presentation covers three main topics:1. How resistance manifests 2. Why resistance occurs, and 3. How we can overcome resistanceThe audio quality is not the best but I hope it's still listenable. If you'd like to take a closer look at the slides, you can view them on Slideshare here:2014 Journaling Expo Presentation Part 1 Journaling Expo Presentation Part 2 takeaways"Resistance is a gateway to a deeper relationship with ourselves" - via @becomewhour resistance? Ask yourself: "What am I afraid of?" - via @becomewhour