Introducing: the Becoming Who You Are Podcast!


If you're part of the BWYA Facebook community, you'll have heard about the BWYA advent calendar, which ran for 25 days last year. It was a series of prompts that encouraged a retrospective look at 2011 and awareness of goals and desires for 2012.One of the goals and desires for 2012 that came up for me during this time was to show more of myself in my writing - to have more of a voice (I'm pretty introverted so I can find this challenging with people I don't know). That desire got me thinking about podcasting; I enjoy listening to podcasts and I think it's a great way of opening up the material we talk about here to a wider audience.I'd had thoughts about doing this before but, every time a thought came up, so would a lot of counter-thoughts telling me that I didn't have enough time, I don't have a 'voice' for podcasting (whatever that means) and I didn't know where to start making one of these pod-ca-whatyamacallits.That voice was - is - trying to protect me, to stop me doing something that could reveal more of myself and leave me vulnerable. But in the end, we can let the voices rule us, or we can listen to them, appreciate them and go forward, knowing they're looking out for us. I did this a couple of weeks ago with 12 Weeks to Self-Knowledge. Knowing I have the above goal gave me the motivation to push myself a little here too.Not everyone has the time to or enjoys reading blogs; or even reading - full stop. So this is a great opportunity to make the content more accessible by making it available in different formats and push myself by doing something that is slightly out of my comfort zone but that I've wanted to do for a while: double win!The feed will available through iTunes in a couple of days so please subscribe if you'd like to hear more. Let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy!Mentioned in the podcast:Meditation Oasis

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