Reflections on Alive in Berlin & a New Online Home for Makers and Doers


I first heard about the Alive in Berlin conference early last year. Described as Europe's answer to WDS, it was very cool to hear about a personal development conference that catered to those of us on this side of the pond. The timing meant it wasn't possible to attend last year (I had just returned from Mexico), so I jumped at the chance to get involved this year. Spoiler alert: it was awesome.This week, I'm writing about my reflections and biggest takeaway here (my new site!), which seemed fitting as it is also a product of AIB :)HANNAH BRAIME (2)This is a new online home for a wider conversation about meaningful work and purpose. If Becoming Who You Are is about being, is about translating that into doing. It's a way of keeping this space purely personal development, and moving discussions around creativity, entrepreneurship and writing elsewhere. If these topics pique your interest, you're invited to come on over and join me.As with any new home, things are a little sparse right now, but I'll be adding some more virtual furniture, tools and resources over the coming weeks and months.Here are a few posts you can check out to get started:Starting a new blog? Here's how to rock that awkward first postHow to start a daily creative practiceStruggling to find your voice? How to sound more genuineHow to design an inspiring solo creative retreat13 inspiring quotes about creativity from Big Magic by Elizabeth GilbertImage: Zoe Nameche

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