Is Your Life Full of Drama? Here's How to Stop the Cycle.


Last month, I read The Power of TED by David Emerald and loved it. The book contains so many useful ideas and lightbulb moments, I made a short video series covering some of the key points. Watch below for a brief introduction to the victim orientation, the creator orientation, and how to shift from the drama triangle to the empowerment dynamic.

What is the "dreaded drama triangle"? 

How to Be a Creator, Not a Victim 

How to Shift from Victim to Creator What are your biggest takeaways from these videos? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.power of tedIf you'd like to explore these ideas in more depth, I highly recommend reading The Power of TED by David Emerald. It's a short read but packed with actionable ideas and suggestions.P.S. Do you enjoy the video format? Let me know!Image: David Marcu 

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