Important Daily Rituals for Introverts Who Want More Energy

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As introverts living in an extroverted world, balancing our energy levels with the demands of our external environment can be a daily challenge. Over-stimulation, large groups of people, and small talk are draining, but we still have the basic human needs for connection and self-expression.

How can we find a balance and meet these needs in a way that’s aligned with our personalities?

Discovering the sweet spot that allows me to meet these needs without feeling overwhelmed has been one of my biggest challenges as an introvert. I tried squeezing myself into social boxes that didn’t fit, trying to transform myself into someone I wasn’t, and, finally, learned to accept and work with who I am.

Through this process, I’ve found that the key to this balance lies in daily rituals; specific actions we can take at specific times each day to make sure we’re meeting our most basic human needs in a way that energises, rather than drains, us.

Here are five daily rituals for introverts that you can introduce into your life to boost your energy:

1. Processing with your journal

Introverts are generally more comfortable expressing themselves through writing than speaking, so journaling is the perfect tool to process the day gone by and set intentions and goals for the future.

Start setting aside 15 minutes each evening to write about any unfinished business from the last 24 hours, plan the day ahead, and set an intention for how you want to feel tomorrow. Taking time to process unfinished business frees up emotional energy, while planning and setting an intention for how you want to feel the next day keeps your actions aligned with the things that are most important to you.

2. Self-connection through movement

As introverts, we can become caught up in our thoughts and feelings. Introducing some movement to our morning or evening helps us reconnect with our physical selves and stay grounded in the present too.

You don’t necessarily need to work up a sweat; movement can be as simple as taking a few minutes to breathe deeply while stretching, or it might look like taking yourself for a (music and cell phone-free) walk. Our bodies are the bridge between our minds and the real world. Making time for physical self-connection not only helps us feel more energetic, but connecting with our physical selves can also help us appear more energetic to those around us.

3. Setting boundaries and carving out alone time

While extroverts get their energy from being around other people, introverts get their energy from spending time alone.

To make sure you’re ready for the day ahead, set aside 10 or 15 minutes each morning to recharge in peace and quiet. If you live with other people, communicate your need for alone time with them and set boundaries around your morning. By giving yourself this time, you’ll be able to start your day feeling grounded, calm and relaxed, rather than feeling drained, frazzled, and stressed.

4. Seeking conscious connection

Connection might seem like an counterintuitive ritual to include in a list for introverts, however it's key.

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I’ve noticed that it’s been easy to slip from “introverted” into “isolated” simply by neglecting to make connection a daily ritual. While alone time might normally help us recharge, I found that, in isolation, my energy levels actually dropped because I wasn’t meeting my fundamental need for connection.

Now, through consciously making time to connect with people on a one-to-one basis each day, I can meet this need in a way that’s aligned with my energy and helps me recharge.

5. Making time to create

A hallmark of introversion is a rich imagination and a vivid internal life. With more going on than meets the eye, we feel most fulfilled when we have an outlet to express our internal ideas, thoughts, and experiences.

Setting aside time for creative pursuits allows us to make sense of and express our internal worlds in a way that energises rather than drains us. Whether your creative pursuit is writing (like the journaling I mentioned above), painting, drawing, cooking, crafting, or something completely different, creativity is a safe mode of self-expression.

Try experimenting with different forms of creativity, and notice how you feel after each; which energise and fulfill you? Which feel like a genuine expression of your authentic self?

Whatever our personality type, we all have gifts, perspectives and skills to share with the world. Finding the daily rituals that work for you will give you a foundation from which you can share your gifts, avoid burnout, and enjoy yourself in the process!

What daily rituals do you use to manage your energy as an introvert? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Image: Sonja Langford