Episode 63: Pleasure, Permission and Self-Care with Iris Barzen


This week's episode is an interview with fellow coach and friend Iris Barzen.Iris helps courageous women become Wild Woman—the most radiant, soulful, feminine version of themselves. Fiercely rooted in their feminine, Wild Women lead their lives with ease and grace. Iris teaches women how to intuitively create the life they want, feeling the way they want to feel on the journey towards their goals.Topics we cover include:

  • What pleasure looks like in our day-to-day lives
  • The common mistake that most of us make with the way we think about pleasure and permission
  • Why we need to be in love with the process of achieving a certain goal, rather than the goal itself
  • How to do a commitment cleanse
  • The litmus test for identifying whether or not you really want something

And much more.Watch the video here or listen to the podcast below:http://youtu.be/8QGeHgMv_TM(Due to a video glitch, the screen is frozen for the first few minutes of the conversation, but we do come back to life after that!)

Useful Links

Iris kindly put together a special page for Becoming Who You Are readers and listeners with all the links and resources she mentioned during the conversation.

From Coping to Thriving: How to Turn Self-Care Into a Way of Life.

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