8 Surprising Benefits of Writing Your Way to Better Health

You probably know about the emotional benefits of writing, but did you know journaling can impact your physical health too? Click the image to discover more >>> | www.becomingwhoyouare.netRegular writing is good for more than just clearing your head. Click the image to discover the 8 surprising benefits of writing your way to better health >>> | www.becomingwhoyouare.net

If you've been around Becoming Who You Are for a while, you probably know I'm a huge advocate of journaling. Most regular journalers experience the emotional benefits of writing: greater clarity, deeper self-awareness, a new perspective on things that are happening in our life, and more.But alongside those emotional benefits, research suggests that journaling also comes with some pretty incredible benefits in other areas of our lives too, including our physical health and relationships. I outline some of these in one of the visual lessons of my Udemy course, How to Start Journaling for Personal Growth. Check out a summary of some of these benefits in the slideshow from this lesson below:

8 Surprising Benefits of Writing Your Way to Better Health

We're most likely to reap these benefits with a regular journaling practice. I don't know about you, but I find it motivating to know that, when I sit down to journal, I'm doing something that benefits so many different aspects of my life.If you're like me and need a little reminder of why consistency is so important in journaling, I've created an infographic highlighting these benefits. Save it for your own inspiration, or share to spread the word about just how powerful journaling can be :)Write your way to better health Your challenge this week: Set yourself the goal of journaling for at least 10 minutes a day for the next 7 days. What do you notice about this regular practice? How do you feel by the end of the week? Give it a try and see what happens![Tweet "Discover these 8 surprising benefits of putting pen to paper each day."]Further reading: 5 ways to inspire your journaling practice // healing and growing through journaling (interview with Susannah Conway)

Want to discover more about journaling for personal growth? Check out this Udemy course.Want to experience the benefits of regular writing for yourself?

Check out the rest of the course How to Start Journaling for Personal Growth. It will teach you everything you need to get started with a journaling practice that will deepen your self-awareness and enhance your personal development.Inside the course, you'll:

  • Learn everything you need to get started with journaling today
  • Discover different types of journaling to invigorate your practice
  • Identify the journaling techniques that will deepen your personal development
  • Explore your inner world through regular journaling, and find out how to revisit old entries for greater insight and awareness
  • Transform your journaling insights into real-life change

By the end of the course, you'll have 10 different journaling techniques in your toolbox and the opportunity to put them to use with fun and insightful writing challenges.Find out more and register here.Image: Aaron Burden