Episode 55: 14 Big Ideas from the Becoming Who You Are Podcast


This episode is a summary of some of the big ideas we've discussed on the Becoming Who You Are podcast so far. I've been lucky enough to talk to some wonderfully wise and experienced people over the past few months, so I wanted to take the time to highlight some of the top ideas and lessons guests have shared.Here's a summary of the 14 big ideas:Big idea no. 1: Rejection fires up the same neurons in our brain as physical pain, and consequently it feels very similar. When we're aware of this fact, and the fact that it's a very human experience that we all go through many times during the course of our lives, we feel less alone in our experience and are better-equipped to handle feelings of rejection when they come up. ~ Episode 48 with Dr Joel Wade and episode 49 with Dr Guy WinchBig idea no. 2: Many of us have physically and chronologically grown up but we're still in a place emotionally where we're acting on limiting beliefs that we've internalised from other people during childhood. Journaling each day is instrumental in exposing limiting beliefs and giving ourselves space to process and rewrite them. ~ Episode 37 with Mari McCarthyBig idea no. 3: Part of self-acceptance is being able to accept that there are days when we won't feel self-accepting. Although it might seem counter-intuitive, it's important not to get into a cycle where we end up beating ourselves up because we're not as self-accepting as we might want to be. ~ Episode 38 with Anne-Sophie Reinhardt.Big idea no. 4: It's important to embrace the idea that who we think we will be and what we think we'll want in the future are very different to who we actually might be (and what we might actually want). ~ Episode 40 with Marianne CantwellBig idea no.5: When we can deal with uncertainty, we open ourselves up to a lot more opportunities. In the long-term, the way to deal with uncertainty is to show ourselves that we can trust ourselves to follow through. ~ Episode 40 with Marianne CantwellBig idea no. 6: Busyness is not a virtue. The value of the work we do lies not in how much we do or how long we spend on it, but the meaning it provides to ourselves and others. ~ Episode 43 with Jake Desyllas and Stephanie MurphyBig idea no. 7: If you have a big dream, turn it into an experiment. This takes some of the pressure off and helps us think of creative ways to get to where we want to be. ~ Episode 45 with Marthe HagenBig idea no. 8: When we feel resistance to doing something, it's much more helpful to acknowledge it and ask ourselves "Why?" than it is to simply avoid it. Taking the time to ask ourselves why we're feeling resistance is often the breakthrough we need to move forward. ~ Episode 53 with Nathan OhrenBig idea no. 9: Two of our most common barriers to getting what we want in life and self-sabotaging are people-pleasing and self-doubt. We can overcome these barriers through self-reflection and action. ~ Episode 52 with Ashley WilhiteBig idea no. 10: We don't necessarily have control over what happens in life but we do have control over how we respond to it. ~ Episode 48 with Dr Joel WadeBig idea no. 11: When we're feeling overwhelming/escalating emotions, it helps to step back and focus on the physical sensations rather than trying to label the emotion. ~ Episode 48 with Dr Joel WadeBig idea no. 12: Think of your thoughts like the images you put up in your home. We hang pictures of happy memories and the people we care about because they generate positive feelings. The same goes for our thoughts and the images in our heads, which is why practices like gratitude are so important. ~ Episode 48 with Dr Joel WadeBig idea no. 13: Whenever we try something new, we need to get comfortable with being a beginner. ~ Episode 47 with Emilie WapnickBig idea no. 14: The things that we struggle with most now and the biggest pain points can become opportunities for us to serve and give back in the future. ~ Episode 54 with Kendra Tanner

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